About this Track

Everyday, human activities produce more than 10 billion kilos of waste.

Yet all material flows are reusable resources. Waste, when avoided, sorted, collected, composted, recycled or upcycled can generate social, economic and cultural wealth for all and help preserve the health of humans and their environments.

MakeSense launched the mobilization track "Future of Waste" with their active partner SUEZ to involve citizens in the development of organizations and innovative startups that transform and create new ways to manage our waste.

To do this, we have identified the issues on which we can all take action immediately.

According to our community of entrepreneurs and our active partner SUEZ, here are the different challenge blocks to be solved:

- BLOCK 1: How can we avoid producing waste ?
- BLOCK 2: How can we give a second life to waste
- BLOCK 3: How can we recycle of materials ?

Let's solve this challenges together!! To learn more about how to get involved, join the mobilization tribe!

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Challenges of this Track