About MakeSense

Vision and Mission

MakeSense makes it possible for anyone in the world to get involved at any level to solve social and environmental issues. We empower people to engage in projects and challenges that help social entrepreneurs. By solving multiple concrete challenges, they contribute to solutions for some of the biggest problems faced by our society. We turn social engagement into an easy, fun and efficient learning experience, accessible to absolutely everyone at a global scale. Thus, making it possible for individuals all over the world with different backgrounds to act at a local level for a global mission.

How it started

Back in 2010, Christian Vanizette set off on a journey to meet social entrepreneurs. What problems did they need to solve? How could we help them? He started collecting their stories and, most importantly, their challenges !When he returned, he met Leila Hoballah who had been meeting with social entrepreneurs in India at the time, and together they launched the first MakeSense events, the first SenseDrinks and the first Hold-Ups in Paris. These fun new activities would soon be replicated in other cities of the world. The MakeSense community was born! The organisation was created in 2011.

MakeSense Manifesto

We solve the challenges of social entrepreneurs. Our mission is to accelerate the impact of social entrepreneurs by connecting them with supercool individuals ready to take up their challenges. To enable anyone to help, we constantly create new problem-solving workshop methodologies and train every passionate volunteer.

We are a global community made up of local everybodies. Anyone, anywhere can easily join because it helps share our mission with the world. Wherever there is an issue in a society we'll be there! It's the impact of every local volunteer, that makes our global community strong. We are innovators and contributors.

We are an agile community. By combining people, creative thinking, and technology, we will find the most innovative solutions to world problems. By experimenting, trying, and sometimes failing, we solve them. Anyone can share, collaborate, and contribute. The biggest innovations in the community come from its members!

We are an open movement under the creative commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). MakeSense is a movement! Our community, as are our methodologies, are open to everyone.You are free to share, copy and redistribute our materials. Contribute, adapt, remix, transform and build upon them as long as you give appropriate credit to MakeSense; Indicate when changes have been made and keep it non-commercial (more info on the licence).

We are independent but not alone. To maintain our flexibility and agility, we will stay as independent as possible and have our own economic model. Dealing with constraints and limited resources we have to be as innovative as possible. We'll look for opportunities anywhere we can and partner with organisations that share our mission and are committed to making a real difference.

We are a constantly learning community. We will keep expanding our reach until there are no more social issues to be solved. To achieve this, we will keep learning from our experiences, adapt and improve the way we work for a bigger impact.

We celebrate our successes and work and make volunteering fun. We make volunteering easy, flexible and fun. Every problem is a new opportunity to meet new people, be creative, share and find a solution! We celebrate every success and stay positive in every situation!