How it works?

MakeSense is all of us. It's an open project that brings together a community of passionate people.

MakeSense is an international community that rallies SenseMakers and Gangsters in 128 cities across the world to help social entrepreneurs to solve their challenges. By putting together our skills and ideas,

we can help social entrepreneurs create and develop their businesses and solve the most pressing issues faced by society in such arenas as: education, health, environment, food, etc.

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From San Francisco to Ho Chi Minh
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1853 x 15 = 27795 participants

MakeSense, what is it?

Changing the world in 2 hours: SenseMakers

At Makesense, everyone can learn and contribute to solving the challenges of today's world by helping social entrepreneurs. You can post your ideas online, and if you have 2 hours to dedicate, join a workshop called a Hold-Up on a meaningful cause in your city! You'll encounter social innovations, collaborate with passionate people, and help a social entrepreneur maximise their impact. Get your calendars out, SenseMakers!

Gangsters organize events all over the world!

By joining the Gang, anyone can take the next steps in global challenges with MakeSense. Mobilize passionate players in your city, organize a Hold-Up with your friends and join us for even more exciting events! Go even further and train new Gangsters and invent approaches. Choose the path you want to take in MakeSense! Want to become a Gangster? Organize a Hold-Up and join the Facebook group based in your city!

The platform for the challenges of social entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs post their projects and submit challenges to the community. SenseMakers and Gangsters then organize a creativity workshop called a Hold-Up to mobilize and generate innovative solutions to help the project grow.

A maximum of impact on Tracks

MakeSense Tracks gather social entrepreneurs, citizens and organizations to solve challenges key to this century. Be it for climate, refugees, techs in education, etc, MakeSense enables you to improve your impact: by taking part in the worldwide mobilization with fellow SenseMakers and Gangsters already active on this cause ; thanks to dedicated theme-events to discover the issues ; and thanks to the commitment of our sponsors and partner leaders in the field.

Frequently asked questions

What is a SenseMaker?

Any citizen who helps an entrepreneur solving his challenge (by giving ideas, participating in a Hold-Up or another event), like 20,000 people across the world whoa re already SenseMakers.

What is a Gangster ?

To become a Gangster, you need to facilitate a Hold-Up to help social entrepreneur, with training in the MakeSense process/methodology.

Can we use MakeSense for any kind of project?

MakeSense prioritises social business projects, tending to a viable and sustainable economic model in the long run. The Hold-Up methodology is under creative commons' license: it's open to everyone as long at it is used for non commercial purposes, credited to MakeSense, and to solve the challenge of a social entrepreneur.

What is a social entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur whose business' first objective is to tackle one of the most pressing issues of society such as health, education, environment, etc. His/her activity generates revenues which are reinvested to generate more social impact and scale.

What is a challenge?

A problem with which a social entrepreneur needs our help. It might be to build his/her business model, communications, strategy, or innovative services.

What are my Superpowers?

Whatever your skills and background, your ideas and your approach are unique: we think they are Superpowers because they can change the world when helping social entrepreneurs.

MakeSense doesn't exist in my city, what can I do?

In every city of the world where MakeSense is present, someone had one day decided to organize a Hold-Up or a SenseDrink. You can get training and organize it in your city and meet social business enthusiasts.

I have other questiones, how can I contact you?

Send us your questions at"

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