About this Track

The textile industry has a serious social and environmental impact. Indeed, we as a society are disconnected from the people making our clothes (40 million people, of which 85% are women) often in terrible working conditions.

Citizens of the world consume every year 80 billions pieces of clothing. Pesticide, chemical process, energy, transport and waste… are all contributors to textile industry environmental pollution.

MakeSense active community of volunteers is launching a "FairWear" mobilization campaign with the goal of showing citizens that their consumption choices can influence the fashion industry.

These are the challenges to crack together :

1. How might we reduce the negative environmental impact of fashion production processes and materials?

2. How might we protect garment workers from slavery-like or extremely harsh working conditions and improve fashion industry's human impact?

3. How might we raise consumers' awareness of the impact they have on human beings and the planet, through their clothes purchasing decisions? How could we make them realize that they can play a big role in changing the industry?

As a group, we plan to raise awareness regarding the negative impact of fast fashion, showcase positive alternatives and help these solutions develop further.

Are you in? Find out more and out join us!

Challenges of this Track