About this Track

We've identified the social business entrepreneurs who are building innovative solutions to create a qualitative and sustainable food system for everyone, everywhere.

By giving your ideas to solve their challenges and organizing Hold-Ups: 2 hours brainstorming sessions to build solutions, you can have a go at cracking this pressing issue!

By assembling citizens around innovative projects, MakeSense is aiming to solve the challenges of these entrepreneurs and organisations who are changing the game, scale-up their impact and share the best practices globally. Through this Track, we have identified the key questions on which we can act immediately.

These are the challenges-blocks to crack according to the community of entrepreneurs and volunteers:

1 PRODUCTION: How can farmers produce enough and quality food for everyone in a sustainable manner?

2 TRANSFORMATION & DISTRIBUTION: How can the Market ensure that all produce reaches people without harming the environment?

3 CONSUMPTION: How can consumers become aware, eat consciously and act on sustainability and food security?

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The Food Sense Tour West Africa is a 6 months program with the local makesense community to discover, connect + support innovative entrepreneurs with solutions for a sustainable and secure food system in West Africa.

The Food Sense Tour India is a six-month trip meeting the key players of sustainable food in India.

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