About this Track

We've identified the social entrepreneurs who are building innovative solutions to solve the Refugees crisis, so that now you can have a go at cracking real pressing issues that affect refugees!

By assembling citizens around innovative projects, MakeSense and SINGA are aiming to solve the challenges of these entrepreneurs and organisations who are changing the story of the refugees, scale-up their impact and share the best practices globally. Through this Track, the partners and entrepreneurs have identified the key questions on which we can act immediately.

These are the challenges-blocks to crack according to the community of entrepreneurs and our expert partners:

  • - BLOCK 1 : Ensuring the safety of the refugees as they journey towards Europe or neighbouring countries (short-term issue)
  • - BLOCK 2 : Making sure asylum seekers and refugees can access their basic needs and information (short-term issue)
  • - BLOCK 3: Create a positive environment for refugees and members of the host society to meet and create together (long-term issue)

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Read why we made it a Track

Remember, it isn't one or two organizations that will solve the refugee crisis, but collective action from citizens, social entrepreneurs and organizations. That's why this TRACK is happening in partnership with SINGA and several NGOs active on-field.

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Challenges of this Track