About this Track

According to the World Bank, the world generates 1,3 billion tons of urban waste each year. 2/3 of what could be considered as resources is wasted and only a tiny percentage can be recycled, which leads to further natural resources depletion. According to Reller & Graedel, there will be no more tin, lead, zinc and copper in around 50 years. If properly separated and collected, the content of our bins could be an opportunity.

MakeSense launched the mobilization track "Waste Collectors", within its Future Of Waste program to involve citizens in the development of organizations and innovative startups that transform and create new ways to collect our waste.

Let's help all the social enterprises or NGOs worldwide that foster better waste segregation and collection through labor, awareness campaign, logistics, or digital solutions. There could be no circular economy ever if we fail at separating organic waste from other material, at empowering waste pickers and all stakeholders. It's about fighting against the damaging littering of our streets and landscapes, it's about closing the loop for Earth's decreasing resources. It's about providing local and cheap resources for social entrepreneurs who can help integrate more people, create compost for gardens and loads of opportunities... that should not be wasted.

To do this, we have identified the issues on which we can all take action immediately.

According to our community of entrepreneurs, here are the different challenge blocks to be solved:

- BLOCK 1 : How could we avoid leaving any waste drag?

- BLOCK 2: How could we systematize sorting?

- BLOCK 3: How could we improve the working conditions of scavengers?

Let's solve this challenges together!!

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This mobilisation programme is part of Future of Waste

Challenges of this Track