About this Track

We've identified the social business entrepreneurs who are building innovative solutions to empower women all around the world. By giving your ideas to solve their challenges and organizing Hold-Ups: 2 hours brainstorming sessions to build solutions, you can have a go at cracking this pressing issue! By assembling citizens around innovative projects, MakeSense is aiming to solve the challenges of these entrepreneurs and organisations who are changing the game, scale-up their impact and share the best practices globally. Through this Track, we have identified the key questions on which we can act immediately. These are the challenges-blocks to crack according to the community of entrepreneurs and volunteers: - BLOCK 1: How can we grant all women access to their basic needs? - BLOCK 2: How can we empower women to strive through education and employment with equal opportunities? - BLOCK 3: How can we break down gender stereotypes, inequality and violence against women? To find out more, Track Want to learn more? Find interviews, documentaries, articles on MakeSense STORiES !

Challenges of this Track