The Untold Chronicles: diary of Boyan

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Yerevan, Armenia Education

About the project

I am writing two fantasy books: "The Untold Chronicles: diary of Boyan" and the prequel: "The Untold Chronicles: diary of Yagishnya".
The book is about the relationship between medieval magical Kingdoms:
-The Kingdom of merpeople and their dominion waterlands of selkies and marrows;
-The kingdom of melusines;
-The kingdom of giant, dwarf and dragon alliance with dominion lands of trolls and goblins;
-The kingdom of harpies;
-The human kingdoms,
-The kingdom of vampires with dominion lands werewolves as well as the lands of witches, warlocks and other evil magicians;
-The kingdom of druids, elves and spiritual mages.
The book is about the war that the vampire kingdom declared to have their right of existence, the relations between the kingdoms and inside the vampire kingdom from the first person - young mage Boyan.

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