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Disrupting the broken fashion designer retail

About the project

Modestologie brings value back to fashion by offering minimalist designer clothes and promoting complete transparency.

We've been played by fashion brands for too long, we've been served crappy quality and/or copies of copies of clothes at a very expensive price for too long, we've paid for huge marketing campaigns for too long, we've been feeding that vicious circle which destroys lives every day by buying disposable fashion from fast-fashion and lots of designer brands, inducing always more exploitation of workers (composed of more than 70% of women).
It is time to stop all this. Fashion is fun and accessible, fashion is a statement and we can't fight for a belief when on the other side workers are being exploited and assaulted because of our will to have as much as possible, for a price as little as possible.

Modestologie has a goal: to fix a broken fashion retail- one garment at a time, while empowering women - one at a time.

We offer minimal clothes, using luxury fabrics (for now we focus on silks and cottons - a new edition should be launched in the following weeks, using wools), with a complete transparency - of costs, margins, and final retail price. We also compare that price with what you can find at traditional retailers.
Not only do we offer minimalist designs using the best quality, but we make sure that the number of intermediaries is optimized, so we can save on middlemen costs. By being online, we also make sure we keep our fixed costs as low as possible, and we pass all these savings on the final customer.
It is a complete win-win-win situation.

Minimalism doesn't have to be expensive, nor does transparency.

We don't work with seasonal collection, but rather with a piece that we think is essential for the minimalist active woman. Our clothes are universal and can be worn by any woman, anywhere, anytime. We are an inclusive brand, not an exclusive one; therefore, our pieces can suit any style. Feel free to visit our instagram - @modestologie - to see how our pieces can be styled.

We know how important the first impression is. By offering high quality and edgy cuts, we know our woman will feel confident, powerful and strong.
Also, we want her to feel confident that her clothes are made in safe conditions, by people treated with dignity and respect, and we want her to know her costs. This way, she knows everything, she is free of worry and she can go conquer the world.

We also empower our workers. We mainly work with women because they are the first ones to suffer from unfair treatments. We love our women and we want them to feel protected; we value them and we want them to feel recognized for what they do.
Also, we want them to be able to have a decent life, to offer a better life for their families and to be the catalyzers of their countries' development.

Modestologie was created for the people, by the people.

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