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Warsaw, Poland Health Humanitarian assistance

Bathroom in a bag, Anywhere, Anytime. With water saving shower head .

About the project

More than one billion people worldwide do not have access to running water; they have troubles with keeping basic hygiene, like washing hands or taking a shower. Due to the diseases spread by dirty hands like diarrhea, hundreds of children die on a daily basis. It would be possible to save thousands of young lives in low-income countries just by improving hygiene level. The problem is generally known. A number of well-known organizations often announce competitions for a simple, inexpensive solution for handwashing.

We have developed a prototype device that meets all the requirements of the aid organizations. Our device can serve not only as a valve to wash hands, but also a shower, a bidet, with extraordinary water savings. Water flows only when you press the head, which provides an excellent control over the outflow.
What is important, the valve for washing hands can be operated by foot pedal, which provides the highest level of hygiene. It is extremely important during disease epidemics.

We have shown the prototypes on Tankfest in Bovington, where soldiers gave their comments on the solutions; on OutdoorShow in Friedrichshafen, where outdoor specialists were delighted with the functionality and universality of a small device. World Water Week in Stockholm and Aidex in Brussel made us realize a huge demand in countries with a low standard of living, especially in the countries of North Africa, the Middle East, as well as among the refugees not having access to running water. Since these countries are inhabited mostly by Muslims, who rather than using toilet paper, use water for ablution after defecation the most important function is this of a portable bidet (Shataff). The device gives great flexibility of application, also during the journey, where there is often a problem of adequate sanitation. It is important that the device has to be affordable (desirable price under 10 Euro). Our device has a price similar to the specified value, which gives the opportunity to help many people in the region, eg. in Egypt there are about 6 million people without access to pipe water, their needs are counted in the hundreds of thousands, even millions. In Pakistan live even more people without access to pipe water. I showed this device also to one of the specialist in Japan, who said that it is a fantastic device for emergencies, earthquakes, when there is no electricity and access to water and then this device can be included in an Emergency Kit. This view was confirmed by one company from California , who admitted that such a thing would be desirable in areas at risk of earthquakes.

So we have a global demand, an interesting solution, which is patent pending. The research conducted by the European Patent Office indicates a high level of inventiveness (this is a new device, of high technical level). Because the solution can be used both by well-off people (outdoor , clients of the tourist industry, the military), we propose the sale of these devices in the Buy-One-Give-One model. The second option is the sale with the price of production costs (with little financial support for distribution), because many people are able to purchase this device for a small amount. As suggested, we also have cheaper versions, which meet the basic functions. If we could get the amount of two hundred thousand Euro we can produce about 30 000 devices and provide them free of charge, which means that about 150 000 people would have the basic facilities for hygiene installed at home, a tent, a yurt. Since the device is fairly easy to assembly you can run the installation process on the target market. Because the assembling is half the cost of the device, it may result in further reduction of costs, and the occasion to give the necessary work in deprived areas.

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