Help hill-tribe teenagers in the North Vietnam

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facilitated workshop
Hà Giang, Ha Giang, Vietnam Education Agriculture

Teaching English for rural children and farm work with tea farmers

About the project

This program is designed for those who want to discover the natural and cultural wonders of Ha Giang, share experiences with the local community, and be face-to-face with these colorful cultures. This experience will provide participants a meaningful program combined with responsible tourism, and plays an incredibly important role enabling hill tribe people to take full advantage of employment and training opportunities, whether they choose to stay in their communities or decide to earn income in urban areas.

These villages, activities, vulnerable groups, visiting place & homestay accommodation have been carefully chosen through a rigorous selection process, ensuring you have a great opportunity to share your talents, creativity, and compassion.

Our team is made up of locals in order to provide to our participants with the best travel through our shared experience. We have a passion for community development program which we share with all participants from parts of the world, bringing you the opportunities to discover and make a difference by helping local ethnic minority people.


Morning (9:00 – 11:00)
From Monday to Friday All volunteers will cooperate in developing a curriculum for lesson plan OR garden works with students
Afternoon (14:00 – 16:30): Teaching
Sat & Sun
- Option 1: You can discover destinations in the Hagiang include Dong Van global Karst Plateau Geopark. Quan Ba heaven gate, Cao Bo village for Ancient Shan Tuyet Tea trees (recognised as heritage tree), etc OR
- Option 2: This is a great way to discover villages of hill tribes here, enjoy beautiful scenery, meeting people as well as having very good physic activities during your time here by follow students at the your class, they help you as the little ambassadors of this Highland to in bringing you a “local breath”, to live in an insight into our culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeing, you will stay overnight in the house of local people to share the daily living with them. An unforgettable experience and enrichment for all participants

• Fluently in English
• Previous English teaching experiences for long term volunteers.
• Bachelor degree in fields of education, development studies or equivalent for long term volunteers.
• Strong inter-personal skills, and experiences in working with a wide variety of people, cultural sensitivity

- Step 1 - Send to your CV and motivated letter
- Step 2 - When we receive your application, we will notify you immediately. Please give us 1-3 days to process your application and match your placement. We will send you a notify of preliminary acceptance and a pre-departure booklet within 1-3days
- Step 3 - Once you receive your project from V4D, you should begin preparing for travel by obtaining all necessary documents (passport, visa)
- Step 4 - Make your travel arrangements and other practical arrangements.
- Step 5 - Go and enjoy your project our staff will pick you up at the airport and take you to Volunteers house of us and your beginning.


Hà Giang is a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam, an amazing landscape of limestone pinnacles and granite outcrops. It is located in the far north of the country, and contains Vietnam's northernmost point. It shares a 270 km long border with Yunnan province of southern China, and thus is known as Vietnam's final frontier. The province covers an area of 7945.8 square kilometres and as of 2008 it had a population of 705,100 people.

Ha Giang province is the last to open to tourism and offers some of the most striking sceneries in Vietnam. Virgin forests, natural fortress mountains sculpted into terraces, rock formations plateaus split by breathtaking canyons. These majestic landscapes shelter the largest diversity of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Where keep pure landscapes and cultures than Sapa so you can explore the real life and natural landscapes in Ethnic minorities in Ha Giang like H'mong people. The area did not feel at all “touristy”. There is also virtually nothing to buy and no one is selling anything to tourists. We are highly recommended and please visit it before it becomes too popular!
Every corner of the province is worth spending time to visit.Please go to an article about Ha Giang on New York Time,


Classes at beautiful eco-gardern are conducted by both local and international volunteers, local volunteers are teaching basic literature, cutural and history, the international volunteers assist with communication English classes, help the students to practice English as much as possible, helping organize short- term soft-skills training courses ; and supporting other activities to be realized with students
Our school located at Viet Lam hot spring, this is in an ideal location, nestled at the foot of mountain, it is not very famous but people who know this hot spring know there is a beautiful hot spring there and very good for heath.
Just 4km from bus stop, once you have enter the fold of hills, the idyllic nature surrounded you is just like the image of an old Vietnamese ethnic minorities tales. Our place, surrounded by fold of hills, tea farms and green rice fields, a place without the noise of a sightseeing place.
The hot springs are heated naturally and vary in temperature between 40-42°C (104-114°F) in the cave, 35-38°C (96-101°F) in the pool. Warm water is pumped up from the springs to the shared shower (bucket) and toilet (flush).
Some outdoor recreation as: Sitting by a waterfall, hiking in the old growth forests, come across evergreen paddy fields under the tender care of hardworking farmers, tea hills, strolling along the stream, or bike riding among the trails, visit local families of hill tribes here are some of the many adventures you can enjoy here.

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