What we've cooked up for you

You wonder what MakeSense is?
You want to meet new people and help make the world a better place?

Hop over to the iForesee and join us for a drink or two!
Feel free to come at any time and join us for a short while if that works for you. :-)

Join us for an informal get-together, a.k.a. SenseDrink, meet gangsters, social entrepreneurs, interesting people and talk about all things social & entrepreneurial. Come to learn about the latest news from the Dutch gang and help boom some MakeSense activities! Should you be looking for opportunities to mingle with social entrepreneurs, to find jobs in the sector or simply to spend an entertaining and delightful evening with some of The Hague's change-makers. Please drop by and bring your friends!

Join us and feel free to invite your friends!

SenseDrinks are monthly informal meetings for social entrepreneurship/social business enthusiasts organized by the MakeSense gang.

MakeSense is an worldwide open movement that connects social entrepreneurs with supercool individuals ready to solve their challenges. More info: makesense.org