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Why do people trow stuff in nature? It does not make sense!

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Why do people trow stuff in nature and why do people who talk a walk leave it?

Trashselfie in a nutshell:
Take a 15-minute walk and start collecting trash.
Take a photo and post it on www.facebook.com/trashselfie
Do it alone, with friends or family.
It’s fun; it’s quality time, it’s the right thing to do.

I started this initiative last year and I need help to get this project viral. I got some articles in the newspaper and in a magazine. I set up a facebookpage www.facebook.com/trashselfie and registered the domainname www.trashselfie.com My knowledge of social media is not good. Who can help me to make adaptations to the project and work out a strategy or battle plan to get this project viral? Because viral is the key for success in this project. Brainstorm session and your expertise is very welcome in this fun project.

Leur défi du moment :
"Who will help trashselfie to get viral?"

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    environ un mois MAYANK AGARWAL
    As I see this; it's a lovely idea but needs recognition and to solve that problem I guess the best way would be the nomination challenge as it will stir the natural human instinct of competitive behavior. Now what you have to do is nominate a few friends of yours on social media to complete the challenge and they, have to complete the challenge firstly and then nominate few others. This way we can form a loop and very soon this will help you achieve your goal. Hope this helps!

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Leur défi du moment :
"Who will help trashselfie to get viral?"
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